Has there ever been a time when you were texting a loved one or friend & you both started reminiscing about the old days? Well I just had my first encounter.

My older brother was texting me. We started off talking about a particular song that we used to love & have on repeat 24/7. Then we started talking about the silly 2-man crews/gangs that we would make up just for fun, How we used to use, The dance routines we made up.

Oh, those we’re the good days. Life was so effortless back then. It actually brings tears to my eyes knowing that it will never be that way again. Falling asleep in the lounge room & waking up in your bedroom. I miss it. A lot actually.

The sad reality is that things will never be that easy again. Now we have bills, we have rent, we have food, we have petrol, we have vehicle registration & everything in between. As I said before, It’s very disheartening to know that things will never be the same. Although I’m very grateful for the memories that my brother & I share.

Have you ever had an experience like this?


2 thoughts on “Reminiscing.

  1. It may not be like it was before, but trust me, you’re going to create so many more beautiful memories. This blog itself will be a testament to that. Beautiful pictures, colors and reviews. Great job.


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