Guess who has another review for you all?! So, as all you beauty enthusiast probably know by now MAC has launched a limited edition collection called The ‘Artificially Wild’ Collection


I feel like everybody is jumping on the “neutral/heavy neutral” bandwagon & this collection should be right up every makeup enthusiasts alley! Its definitely a recommendation by me! It features my all time favourite lip liner in the colour Stripdown which is my absolute holy grail lip liner, I swear by it! I’ve put in an order for a few more of these products because I was just loving everything! Especially the eye shadows & lip products!


This collection features:
4x Eye Shadows (Artificial Earth, Stony, Marsh & Natural Wilderness)
5x Lipsticks (Siss, Yash, Icon, Shitake & Photo)
4x Tinted Lipglass (Obviously Bare, De-Nude, Spite & Explicit)
3x Lip pencils (Stripdown, Oak & Cork)
3x Cream Colour Base (Shell, Breaking Ground & Au Nature)
x3 Powder Blush (Next to skin, Pink Cult & Taupe)


So its quite a large collection. Now, I feel like they could have done a bit better with the lipglass’ as they’re a little bit blotchy. The eye shadows are phenomenal! They swatch amazingly! I especially love ‘Stony’ eye shadow. The lipsticks are to die for! The browns & earthy tones are just fantastic! The lip liners are great (I already own Stripdown & Oak). I’m yet to try the cream colour bases & the blushes but they look lovely as well! I would have to give this collection an overall total score of 8/10. Just because I think they could’ve put a little bit more attention toward the lipglass’ & ‘Icon’ lipstick. As I said before, this collection is gorgeous nonetheless! I would definitely recommend it!

Have you purchased anything from this collection? If so, what did you think of them?
Let me know in the comments below ♥


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